Megan Blethen Photography came into existence in 2004 at Rexburg, Idaho while Megan was still a student. She became known for delivering quality images at an attractive price. Her philosophy behind the business was to always put the client first, because happy customers will always return and refer other people as well. Megan Blethen Photography is very much about building great relationships with clients as much as it is about developing fine art portraiture.

Megan Blethen

photographer, graphic artist

Megan has been utilizing her photographic eye for nigh on ten years now. She started out using film SLR cameras, but since her switch to digital a few years ago, she has never looked back. She loves the versatility and control she is given over any editing that may need to be done. She has always enjoyed having people as her subjects in her photography, and wanted to extend her talent and creativity to the public.

In 2006 Megan graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho with a degree in Studio Photography. This degree has given her an edge that many other professional photographers haven’t had: formal training. This has helped springboard Megan into the top of her field.

Megan is the mother of three beautiful boys: Jonas Quentin, Brynnan Grey, and Tinian Jones.

Mark Blethen

graphic artist, web designer, photographer

Mark has been Megan’s ever loyal fan—maybe that’s why he married her. Doing whatever is necessary to support her, he’s worn many various hats: from web designer, to publicist, to even baby-sitter/stay-at-home dad. Mark doesn’t believe in Megan because she’s his wife—he knows she has a powerful talent.

Mark has always had an interest in computers and technology. Always eager to learn, Mark began to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and other design programs to enhance and show off his wife’s work. He has also began to take up photography, being tutored by none other than his lovely wife.

(Mark secretly hopes to one day surpass Megan’s abilities, buy out her business and put his name on the business, but he’ll never tell Megan this.)