What do you mean by “photojournalism”?

Photojournalism is the means of telling a story through pictures. This is a technique that lends itself mostly towards weddings (though some other types of sessions can lean towards this as well). While people will want formal pictures with each other and with family on their wedding, in the end everyone goes back and wants to remember the day. Photojournalism captures the events and the story of the day. The pictures are taken and worked on and then worked into a beautiful “storybook” album that you will always cherish. Every memory you had along the day will be captured, and every emotion will be brought back as your special day is laid in front of you.

What’s the turn around time on my portraits?

After a portrait session I will pick out the best images from the session and edit them. Once they are all done I will put them online for you to view. This usually takes about a week, depending on the kind of session you have. After a wedding, expect two weeks to sort through and edit the images. We can discuss any changes you’d like to make and then after final approval you can order your images. If you are buying an album we will show you the final draft before sending it off for printing.

Do you charge extra to retouch your portraits?

There are photographers that do, but I believe people don’t like to be “nickeled and dimed” to death. I know that facial blemishes (such as acne) aren’t what someone’s beautiful face should be remembered for, so I turn around images that only contain you.

Can I pay you later for a session/wedding?

Unfortunately, I will not be making any exceptions to this rule: All payments must be received at their specified times. You can refer to the pricing guide as to the specifics, but the day of a portrait session I require payment, two weeks before the wedding date I require all the payments be paid in full, and when any prints are ordered they need to be paid for before they are ordered. No matter how nice or trustworthy a person you may be, others who are not so have brought about this policy.

I’m interested in doing a studio session…

I am billing myself as an outdoor and on location photographer. We can do a session anywhere from your home or a favorite park, etc. This is advantageous to the customer, as it allows you to choose locations where you feel most comfortable, giving a wonderful edge to the photographing process. And our dedication to making your portraits a work of art means you never have to worry about where your portraits are taken.

Can I offer suggestions on the types of portraits I want?

Of course! I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your session, and I am open to almost any type of poses, shots, or locations you may want your portraits done. Feel free to discuss any of this before the session. Naturally, if there is anything I am not comfortable with, other options may be laid out for you.

Can I meet with you before hand to discuss our session?

With weddings this is naturally encouraged as there are many, many things we would need to discuss . With a regular portrait session I am more than willing to set aside time to discuss an upcoming session with my clients. You can call and schedule a time for a date before your session, or even if there is time available right before the session to discuss ideas, questions, and concerns. I feel communication is important, so I make any extra efforts to let my customers know that their thoughts are important to me.